Adana'nın İngilizce Tarihi

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    Adana'nın İngilizce Tarihi


    Adana'nın İngilizce Tarihi

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    Adana'nın İngilizce Tarihi

    BC Kingdom of Luwian 1900 (a branch of the Hittites), BC 1500-1333 Arzava Kingdom (Hittite origin, a group separate from the east), BC Hittite Kingdom 1900-1200 BC 1190-713 Kue Kingdom (Phrygians), BC The Kingdom of Assyria 713-660 BC Kingdom of Cilicia, 663-612 BC Pers Satrap 612-333 BC Hellenistic period, 333-323 BC 312-1333 Selökidler, BC Karsunlar period 178-112 BC 395-638 Byzantines and M.S. 638 respectively, the Armenian Kingdom of the Islamic era, Egypt, Turkey Memlukluları, Ramazanogulları Ottomans, the French occupied by Adana 5 January 1922 has been recovered. Thus, on a separate and major civilizations throughout history, 18 separate political yapılasmaya witnessed.

    In the fertile delta of the Seyhan and Ceyhan rivers in marshy land of Adana on board, because of geographical location BC 6000 yıllarina lies. Adana, is one of the most important city of ancient Cilicia. Hittites to the Ottomans, is the cradle of many civilizations have come past. According to Greek mythology, the god of the heavens name Uranus'un son was Adanus'dan.

    By making a large bend in the Taurus Mountains, the plains to the Mediterranean deciduous Seyhan (Sarus) is founded on the banks of rivers. Located in the center of Adana Tepebağ mound, built-in human life through his son belongs to the Neolithic period. Based on the world's most up to date M.Ö.6000 lere is one of the oldest settlements. Adana including Federation Kiznuwatna Krallığı'nin Center while the Hittites were lerde M.Ö.1350. BC BC 9.yy.da Asurlular'ın Passed into the hands of the Iranians 7.yy.da. BC 333 also is home to the army of Alexander the Great and Adana, Issos Makedonyalılar'ınn after the war, Alexander's death, then passed into the hands Selefkiler'in.

    BC 1. century. also served as governor of the state in the region, the famous Roman state dominated by entering the time of Cicero Hatip Adana, East ROME has become the largest commercial center. M.S. 260'da Sassanid, M.S. 4. century. the Bizanslılar'in, 8 century. of the Abbasids, 10, yy, again Bizanslılar'in, 11 century. the Seljuk Turks, 12 century. the Armenians, the 14.yy.da completely into the hands of Turks has been Memlüklüler'in.

    Mameluke Empire in Central Asia, Turkey Çukurova time the Turks came to this fertile land and wetlands on a new civilization was pioneered in the establishment. Pyramos the name of the river Ceyhan, Seyhan was the name of the river Sarus.

    Founded in 1352 in Adana in 1517 until Ramazanoğlu principality continued. At that time, the outgoing Egyptian expedition Sultan Yavuz Sultan Selim, the Ottoman Empire Adana Imparatorluğuna was connected. The Sultan in 1535 expedition to the east, the 1638 expedition to Baghdad Sultan IV. To Murat, 1833'de the son of the Ottoman government began to remove the governor Ibrahim Pasha of Egypt and the army was home to sahipligi.

    First World War as the end date of 1918 yen for the Turks began to struggle.

    Arrived in Delhi on 31 October 1918 the German Field Marshal von Sanders LIMAN Lightning Army took over Command of Mustafa Kemal, 'War, the Allies could have done, but what interests us: the war, the war of our own future, but now begins in the city of Adana gave the first sign of the Liberation war. In the meantime, the region occupied by enemy forces and have begun to Adana. Objectives of the European states to provide support on an Armenian state kurmaktir. In the years 1918-1919, the invaders, persecution and torture in Adana were applied. All these pressures are not based on Adana'lılar organizing 'Cilicia Teskilatı'nı National Forces have established.

    August 5, 1920 Mustafa Kemal, Fevzi Bey (Cakmak) and the MPs came here Pozantı'ya into the central provinces, and they have done Pozantı congress. In November 1920 they defeated the French and the French Government, Parliament The government has officially recognized. October 20, 1921 French properly 'Ankara Treaty' was signed. In accordance with this agreement as 5 January 1922 The French were completely separated from Cukurova. Since then provincial capital was moved back to Adana.


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    pek çok kaynakta adana ismi hitit imparatorluğu egemenliğindeki kizzuvatna krallığının adanya uru adlı şehrinden türemiştir başka bir rivayet ise ismin mısırdan gelip argosa yerleşen mitolojik yunan kabilesi danaoi ile ilgili olduğu söylenmektedir

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