Adıyaman'ın İngilizce Tarihi

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    Adıyaman'ın İngilizce Tarihi


    Adıyaman'ın İngilizce Tarihi

    Forum Alev
    Adiyaman, is one of history's oldest known settlement. Observations made in the city of Adiyaman in the history of the cave with Palan BC Been understood to extend to 40,000 years.

    Samsat-date findings in the hill again Şehremuz BC 7.OOO until Paleolithic, BC Neolithic up to 5,000 years BC BC until the year 3.OOO Chalcolithic Bronze Age between 1200 aged 3.0OO-term has been understood that the place. During this period, the region changed hands between the Hittites and the Hittite Mitannilar with the collapse of (1200 BC) began a dark period. BC 1.2OO from BC with the founding of the Phrygian State With regard to the period between 750 aged written source has been found. However, in the region during this period, Assyria began to take effect, so Samsat'ta effectively seals the Assyrian and Village in Kahta Eskitaş written with Hittite hieroglyph inscriptions in Anatolia since hierarchies in our province at the same continue, shows. During this period, Adiyaman and around the collapse of the Hittite state which emerges is one of the Late Hittite city-states were ruled Kummuh State.

    MU Between-70O Assyrian 9OO region remains in effect, but the Assyrians can not be fully sovereign. 6. Since the beginning of the century the Persians to the region and the region is dominated Satrap'lar (Governors) are managed hands. BC Macedonian King Alexander in 334 older into Anatolia and MU lost control Pers'ler 1. century in the region has ruled the Macedonians Selev family consisted of twenty-kos. This weakening of the power of family in the order in which the king declared the independence of the Kingdom of Kommagene Mithradetes l was Kallinikos (MO 69).

    Capital Samosota (Samsat] the Commagene kingdom, sovereignty MS. 72 continued until this date the Roman empire in the region passed into the hands and Adiyaman Roman Empire in Syria (Syria) to the State, 6th legion were attached as. The Roman Empire in 395 BC the Western and Eastern Roman as leave, Adıyaman Eastern Roman empire, joined. 643 years since the invasion of Islam to the region to begin the sovereignty of the Islamic year 670 but in dry Emevi'lerle. In 758 years, II, commander of the Mansur Abbasi Ibni Cavene'nin Enters domination. 926 until the Abbasid rule in H ' also begins on this date Hamdanüerin sovereignty. Byzantines re-enters a region in the year 958.

    Turkish raids into the region is aged between 1114-1181. Between the years 1204-1298 Samsat and the Anatolian Seljuks conquered the area. In 1250 the Mongols attacked in 1230 and is experienced. Region and the region passes into the hands 1298'de Mamelukes. In 1393, this time in Adıyaman is sacked by Tamerlane.

    During the Middle Ages as a great instability Adıyaman Byzantine, Umayyad, Abbasid, Anatolian Seljuks, and finally changed hands between Dulkadiroğullan Yavuz Sultan Selim's campaign during the 1516 Iran took part in the Ottoman lands. Participated in the Ottoman Empire Adiyaman, initially the center of a Samsat'ta Sancak when connected with Beylerbeyliğine Maras, Tanzimat as after an accident has been linked to Malatya.

    As old as the republic's founding in 1954 the administrative structure is preserved and connected to the accident position in Malatya Adıyaman with the Law No. 6418 on December 1, 1954 leaving the Malatya province has become detached.

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    adıyaman ili tarihi en eski illerimizden birisidir i Helenistik ve Roma Dönemi eserleriyle ün yapmış bir bölgemizdir. Bu kalıntıların en önemlisi Eski Kahta Köyünün yanındaki 2150 m yüksekliğinde Nemrut Dağı'nın üzerindedir. Toros Dağları ile Fırat Nehri arasındaki yöre, Helenistik ve Roma çağlarında Kommagene olarak adlandırılır.

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