AYDIN'nın İngilizce Tarihi

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    AYDIN'nın İngilizce Tarihi


    AYDIN'nın İngilizce Tarihi

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    Aydın, Tralles ancient city built on. Most important cities in the Aegean region in ancient times many scholars of the period of birisidir.Antik, architects, sculptors, grown in Aydin. Among them Antemiyus, Thales, Anaximandros, Anaximenes, Hekotaios, Hippodamos, İsodor countable.

    Merlin: Great Menderes Basin irrigation of the plains in the south near Akçay mountain foothills rising Madran built on two hills. 76 km from Aydın. away. County, and finds the remains of historical structures belong to very ancient times. Roman, Byzantine and Seljuk culture that works there are traces. Located near the village of Koyuncular Neopolis Kavakli village, Körteke castle, and the cistern in the village of Kemer Konakli Implicit and Bridge are examples of these major.

    Buharkent: 86 km to the city center. The County has in distance Kızıldere spa.

    Cine: Aydin 38 km from the city center. away. China, the ancient, the passageway that connects regions of Caria and Onya because Aydın's old and over is one of the major settlements.

    Gerga: Old Çine'nin 6 km. an hour north to the southeast of the village of ovacık climbing can be accessed by the pedestrian Gerga ruins, transportation difficulties, but is worth seeing a Carian city.

    Koçarlı: Aydin 22 km from the city center. away. In the middle of the Büyük Menderes valley and slopes on both sides of the tea Koçarlı established. Mustafa Mosque and the ancient city of Amyzon Cihanzade is one of important works.

    Nazilli: Aydin 45 km away from. Nazilli town 3 km. at a distance of between Bond and Eyeli plateau, which was established Mastavra ancient city, the time of the trade center was one of the meander basin.

    Soke: Aydin's 59 km. and in the west, near the Büyük Menderes River was established. Didyma, Miletos, Priene such famous cities, districts near. At a distance of 12 km of the town is located near the town Güllübahçe ancient city of Priene, in the south-facing slope of Mount Mykale nature and the environment was set up on a platform.

    Sultanhisar: Aydin province is 25 km away. Aydın mountains to the north lies. Nisa (Nyssa) Sultanhisar town on the slopes of the mountains to the north of Malgaç rising, full of natural beauty slopes has been established. District 3 km asphalt road from the ruins instead of rising to curl is reached.

    Akaraka (Acharake): Holy secrets can be considered a health center that store. Near the village of Salavat in with the old according to sources with two gods Pluton and Charo his religion was the sacred center.

    Yenihisar: 108 km in the province of Aydin. and at a distance, is adjacent to the ancient city of Miletus and Priene. Can be accessed via Bodrum airport to the town of Akbuk, the Aegean's most beautiful sea, sand and sun is available. Rich history, and tourism in the area of Didim and Altinkum beach which is an important place Yarhisar, which must be seen in the Aegean coast, are the most beautiful tourist resort. The ancient prophecy center in Didim, the sun god Apollo on behalf of a large temple is established. Very ancient people who believe that destiny is also a prophecy of Apollo was known as the god.

    Yenipazar: Aydin 41 km from the city center. away. Orthasia (Ortosi) 5 km of the ancient city district. To the east of the village of Don is. Founded by Ionians, 7th century BC, the tribes of the Asian steppes horse, ridden Cimmerians, Lydia in later centuries, Persians, Roman and Byzantine periods living here.

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    MÖ 2500 yılında hititler zamanında gelişmiş sekizinci yüzyılda lydia zamanında da en parlak çağını yaşamıştır Selçuklularla birlikte Türk uygarlığının kültür varlığı ve eserleriyle donatılmıştır. Aydınoğulları zamanında şehrin adı Aydın Güzelhisarı olmuş, daha sonra Aydın adını almıştır.

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