Bitlis'in İngilizce Tarihi

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    Bitlis'in İngilizce Tarihi


    Bitlis'in İngilizce Tarihi

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    History and History of Bitlis

    Ramadan 1915 on the night of July the Russians invaded Bitlis to the news has been coming mevkiinde Basham. This is the story of all the people of Bitlis the way for migration to their children by holding their hands fell. However, the Turkish military and militia forces in Bitlis dirayetli defense has withdrawn as a result could not enter the Russians to Bitlis. But this did not take more joy at the end of February 1916 the Russian military and the gates of Armenian Revenge Brigade again dayanmıştır.3 Bitlis

    The sum of the forces that defend Bitlis were between 1400-2000 people. Part of this community of 600 people had formation of militias. Turkish troops under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Ali Çetinkaya infantry weapons and ammunition, the military in terms much more than their Russian and Armenian troops were forced to fight. Despite all the resistance 3 March 1916 invasion of Bitlis Günü Saat 05 de edilmiştir.4

    Especially after the invasion of Russian troops in the disaster and the Armenian drag one of those who founded Antranik'in the Armenian Revenge Brigades to the city center at the time of dissolution could not emigrate lone elderly and patients have begun to slaughter in this case, the Russian General has explained Maslofski Bitlis seizure after March 3 at noon Andranik 'in command of the Armenians in the 1st Battalion (Vengeance Battalion) night before the attack have been left behind in the throat when entering into the city without permission, and many Turkish families have been collected they had come to American hospitals with deliberate killing and revenge have attempted to

    This is the second largest occupation with migration Bitlis city could not be lived through the migration of the Armenians, while the victims are those who immigrated under severe winter conditions have been the victims of hunger, poverty and the plunderer. The people can not take more than 1,000 children migrated to the lower bridge was left to die in the snow next to the cluster. Into the hands of the Russians in Turkey Bitlis passage of the General Staff was directed to consider. this passage into the hands of the enemy, the enemy opened the road to Baghdad Diyarbakir Adana Aleppo was mean. Bitlis emergency as a decision to revert the Turkish general setup of Çanakkale wars have shown great heroism, and then in Edirne in istirahattte the 2 th 2 th of the military, primarily due to the 16 th Army Corps to the front of the Bitlis immediately decided to send. This corps commander of the hero Mustafa Kemal appointed Anafartalar. Mustafa Kemal promoted to full colonel from the generalship of our cities visited on March 27 after giving necessary instructions to be established headquarters in Silvan was returned. End of July for the attack has come again to Bitlis.

    Bitlis Corps in Article 16 of the 5th Infantry Division had this Division 13 14 and 15 th Infantry Regiment, consisted of the division again next to the numbers from 2000 to 3000 to be between the estimated Diyauddin Sheikh Mohammed (Prophet) Mutki tribal Reis Bey, Haci Musa and other militia units were located . By the attack on August 1, 1916 Mustafa Kemal was given the order on August 8, 1916 Bitlis morning and attained independence 05'de

    5 in 5 months yesterday enemy invasion was in ruins after the war Bitlis. War has taken a heavy bill still today. War begins with the migration takes all with the speed today. Turkey's defeat of the Liberation of Bitlis was makus fortune of days. Together with the first world war in Anatolia, Bitlis province in the occupied city, the first is gained independence. This is the national liberation struggle is the first spark.

    Atatürk's Visit
    Gazi Mustafa Kemal Province on November 7, 1916 for the third time we visited. This final goal of development to make changes to the duties 5th Division 5th Division commander of the land and the general situation on the assembly needs to see the Van was to ensure the movement of Operation Detachment. Mustafa Kemal came to Bitlis on November 10, 1916 on November 21, 1916 are separated from Bitlis. During this time the militia had met with Commander of the Military Hospital Association has been touring some shrines and mosques.

    Plain in pace on November 15, 1916 under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Ali Cetinkaya Turkey made an exercise Union. To monitor the exercise of Basham came back. This is the time to see the back of the Van Lake, "It is very beautiful places. Here it is necessary to establish an Eastern University in the phrase was found.

    Mustafa Kemal November 1, 1936 and November 1, 1937 will, in the Parliament's opening speech was also expressed. In this conversation:

    For this, the country currently three major cultural regions in the event by studying the region for Garba at the University of Istanbul started the reform program more radical in a way applicable to the Republic really is a modern university to win; center for the region of Ankara University in less time is necessary to set up. And east shore of Van Lake for one of the most beautiful place from every branch and finally with the first school to university to create a modern culture in the way of the city should already be operational.

    This is our best attempt of the eastern provinces will be granted to young people what government is fertile Republican will be happy work

    In opening remarks to the Assembly on November 1, 1937
    Charged to raise young people want and need as we are conscious and modern cultural raised as to the evolution of Istanbul University, Ankara University, and the completion of the Eastern University in the study was to determine the basis of Lake Van in circles around the establishment of working quickly and strongly continues. "1

    In 1924, this legacy of our veterans need by the Ministry of National Education, a delegation arrived in Bitlis in the pace of land near Plain studies were found in the lake.

    In 1953 the then government of the Republic of the executors to bring Gazi'mizin earlier studies on the rack near the lake area Ov has attempted to lay the foundation. Building materials lay the foundation stock has been among the provinces during the fight because of Bitlis and Van (Mustafa Kemal and his life did not go to Van Van has not seen) on a temporary basis to be taken to have been suspended.

    Fulfillment of this legacy of Mustafa Kemal and Bitlis and Gazi'mizi and will make people happy.

    In every corner of Anatolia after the Armistice Armistice uprisings against the enemy and organizations had begun. Including the territory of Bitlis in eastern Anatolia, on the "establishment of an independent Armenian state" of the idea of these organizations was fired until the districts have continued. Between women and men in Bitlis Defense establishment of the Country Society was provided. Regarding this issue is dated February 20, 1920 article.

    In Sivas
    Hazrat-i Ali Pasha, the governor of Bitlis

    In Sivas
    Vali-i Diyar Bekir Hazrat Ali to the gentleman

    Esteemed Pasha Esteemed Sir Holiness Holiness

    Center to be built in the Anatolian Sivas Women in Defense of the Country Society a copy of the regulations would present your self and your county. Unjustified invasion of our country for the purpose of our society from the poor in some regions to get rid of the atrocities and disasters is a matter of working within your county by looking at writing a regulation to establish the order of the independent branch command would be presented with a petition

    Different times, starting from the date of historians Bitlis. 5000 years such as 7000 years old history. In fact, we call Bitlis Yenitaş period to period on Neolotik lies. Neolithic Age, or Neolithic Yenitaş this period called the Bronze Age Ortataş Period is the period between the archaeological. During this period, BC Covers the 9000 years between 3000 years.

    Pre-written history of the Bitlis region and is very dark. The most important reasons for low number of surface finds and the archaeological work done so far is not to be realistic.

    Located within the boundaries of Bitlis province of Suphan and Nemrut Mountain obsidian (natural glass bed) directly even if indirectly, in the history of this region has shown up in the Neolithic period. Obtained from the natural bed of the glass sculpted obsidian scraper as cutting was due to the surrounding settlements.

    Yet the studies as a result of that period, the trade routes of the Van Lake from the east to the south (today that the Van province within the borders of the Chalcolithic - Mining Period - settlements that Tilkitepe) to the west, the province of Diyarbakir limits (Ergani near pottery without a Neolithic settlement that Çayönü) until in the Van province of Bitlis and Diyarbakir uzanmaktadır.1 be established to be from Van to Diyarbakir to trade in that period but will be made via Bitlis Bitlis is taken into consideration in the settlement since the Neolithic period that is a fact.

    BC Neolithic In 3000 years has ended. This is based on 5000 years history and the history of Bitlis, we have that could be seen. Probably more than that the former is a history of Bitlis. BC Neolithic in southwest Asia 9000-5000 BC Neolithic Age in European countries 6500 BC on the shores of the Danube According to 5500 is more than 5000 years of the history of Bitlis is from 5000 to 7000 is likely to have lots of years.

    Source of Bitlis Name
    Bitlis today's name stems from the absolutely unknown. With different names throughout history has been an Bitlis. Assyrians, Persians and Greeks Liz Bit-Bad-Bad-Lis, or Laïs Byzantines Arabs Bal-Laïs-on Bad-Lis Babaleison or bales as the Armenians have used Pages or Pagis. Bit word in the language of the Assyrian homeland Bet word meaning fortress used by Bit-Bet-Lis Dormitory Liz Liz does mean is the mean Liz Castle

    Regarding the name of Bitlis historians emphasize the event is as follows alliance
    BC II king of Macedonia in 336. Instead of Alexander the Great as the king is dead Plovdiv past. (Şerefname'de Macedonians of Alexander the great prophet, known as He said Alexander has claimed to be. He said that the two horns mean He said moving to the east of the continuous and 31 years old died because of that great Alexander is advocating. Anlı Alexander the Great on the horns of the two cases lump at the top of his voyages to the east and 30 years old died because people have the same argument has been proposed. However, these ideas could not be proved so far.) invading Babylonian army, along with Alexander expedition to India to get out kararlaştırmıştır.3

    Meanwhile, the two are like the horns on Alexander's part anlı out to hide from the suite had to have a continuous horned helmet. Comment for all the doctors worry about healing the remedy is in the water and go where all the water was not recommended to use. Therefore, Alexander the Great has been everywhere in the water by washing your face in seeking to have trouble. When all the water flowing into the Tigris river Şattülarap'a have to investigate this process have requested information has commissioned. Search for water and nature of all of Alexander after a long walk to the front came Bitlis. The disease when he saw the healing tea Bitlis Kösür where the headquarters of the combined water and Rabat kurmuştur.4

    Physicians in order to Alexander, wanted to go to the source of water. Water flowing from the east of Bitlis on this recommendation was followed by Rabat to have been the source of the water. But to use this water for days but this time saw that the healing from the city's west end has turned into tea Kösür as the source of this water fountain has been reached. This spring where water is gushing into the eyes of the mountainous wooded green hills of Alexander was very good looking. Each side was decorated with different flowers and basil in emerald green. Alexander was impressed the climate of this place.

    This beautiful piece of nature in the air and water for a few days to take advantage of (one week) decided to stay here. This water's edge to stay one week after the trouble Kösür Water is healing and the horns of this water is lost görülmüştür.1 Today, Alexander is still called Fountain. This fountain Bitlis 10 km. Duav plateau is at a distance. Alexander finds this to worry about healing the earth and water to take the eternal Bedlis (Badlis) or Leis next to the name of the commander of the fountain by calling the 4 hourly or at a distance of 12,000-step merger of Rabat and Kösür water where you want to do stronghold was a castle. Commander (Şerefname'de is not as slaves) in return, "Ben Iran (in some Amazon India) at a time until you return to make a fort here so that I seized him like a king or even commander. This way, the name of the castle and the earth from generation to generation, from century to century eternal "he was. This order in the name field commanders Leis Bedlis or a short period of one year immediately started work on the BC On 331 today has managed to make it to the castle.

    India and Iran at a time when it comes to the city in the face of returning Alexander has seen a huge castle. Send news to hand over the castle Bedlis'e urging. Kale is ready to fight not deliver the report and rejected the proposal of Alexander the castle has closed its doors. This is on top of all the forces of Alexander the fortress siege began. he could not get the castle was besieged for days trying to remove the plains towards the pace has been withdrawn. Observed that the withdrawal of Alexander Alexander's horse's feet in the plains Bedlis pace close to offering the keys to the castle had been in an envelope at this location out of the tunnel itself has been invited to the castle. Key areas of the castle of Alexander the Great, "why did you give the key rebel Bre mel'un that is seeing this man did break my" on call from Alexander Bedlis pardon the language, "O great conqueror! I rebelled against you and I have given you before your resistance to a warrant was required. You and I can not get like a fortress of a king ordered me to do I thought. You've made the order on how much of this castle is impossible to prove how strong conquer in order to show that I dare you. Now I do and forces willing to act as a punishment because of our ill will see at your disposal "demiştir.1

    Much like the words of the command of Alexander the commander to reward the city's administration transferred to the commander and the city was named Bedleis. That the name of the city from day Bedlis remained. some letters that name changes come over time who was named today BİTLİS.

    Occupation and Liberation of Bitlis
    Ottoman Empire in 1912, starting out balkan Harbi'nden was defeated. Besides a large number of soil loss of many soldiers and equipment had been lost. Balkan War from the wounds, wrapped the game with the German I. Been entered into the world of Harbin. Are forced to fight on many fronts than the Turkish nation has too much pain can take the goods have lived a Caucasus Front.

    War of the people in the city of Bitlis ilânıyla together on mobilization orders in early in the morning may have been originally. Military branches going to the people reading the article mobilization Bitlis is written to soldiers. Following this procession from the city of Bitlis in the way many convoys Caucasus Front. 40,000 represents a portion of 10 th Corps majority of the martyrdom of the Bitlis servant rose to order. These martyrs during Operation Sarıkamış Allah-u Akbar Mountains freeze in the spring of their lives göçmüşlerdir.1

    Should advocate for the Russian Czar Petro'nun Deli for years lived in warm seas to reach the dreams of the Tsarist Russian army acted in the Caucasian Armenian Army Chief General Yudenich'in invasion of eastern Anatolia, has been ordered. This order depends on the Caucasus, the 4 th Army Corps in the Eastern Caucasus, Anatolia entered. Briefly occupied several cities in Eastern Anatolia, the Russian troops had returned him to lead the eye based on the Armenian border has freebooter and Bitlis

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    tarihçilerde bitlis ile ilgili çelişkiler vardır kimi 5000 kimi 7000 yıllıktır derler . Gerçekte Bitlis tarihi Neolotik Çağ dediğimiz Yenitaş dönemine kadar uzanmaktadır. Bitlis ve yöresinin yazılı tarih öncesi oldukça karanlıktır. En önemli nedenleri yüzeydeki buluntuların az olması ve bugüne kadar gerçekçi bir arkeolojik çalışma yapılmamasıdır.

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