Rauf Denktaş İngilizce Biyografi

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    Rauf Denktaş İngilizce Biyografi


    Rauf Denktaş İngilizce Biyografi

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    Rauf Raif Denktaş was born in Baf Region of Cyprus on 27 Ocak 1924. Rauf Denktaş lost his mother when he was 1,5. His father is judge Raif Bey. He was grown up by his maternal and paternal grandmothers and was sent to Istanbul for education in 1930.

    He began to study at in Fevzi Ati High School giving education in Arnavutköy from primary to high school as a boarding student. He turned back to Cyprus after secondary school and completed high school in Cyprus. He went to England for law education after the 2nd World War. He started to work as a lawyer after he graduated. He began to work as a prosecutor in summer months of 1949. He married Aydın Hanim the same year.

    He addressed to the public in the first public meeting arranged by Cyprus Turks on 27 November 1948 together with Dr. Fazil Küçük. He acted as mediator between the two important persons of Turkish community, Faiz Kaymak and Dr. Fazıl Küçük and pursued the interests of the community. Upon the proposal of Faiz Kaymak and approval of Dr.Fazıl Küçük, he was elected as the chairman in the congress of Cyprus Turkish Institutions Federation. He resigned his position as prosecutor by hardly convincing English government and began to deal with the problems of the community.

    Denktaş, who directed Cyprus Turkish resistance against Enonis, which played a terrorist role and EOKA in 1955, resigned from his duty in the government in 1958. He established Turkish Resistance Organization on 1 August 1958 together with his friends. He paid efforts in Zurich and London Agreements in 1959, in 1960 agreements and preparation of the Constitution of Republic of Cyprus. The same year he was elected as the chairman of Turkish Community Assembly and the execution committee.

    In 1958, Greek terrorists attacked on Turkish villages which Turks protested. Dr. Fazıl Küçük and Rauf Denktaş went to Ankara to hold negotiations with Foreign Minister Fatin Rütü Zorlu before Zurich-London agreements. In this negotiation, Denktaş proposed sending of Turkish troops to the island.

    On 16 August 1960, a Turkish regiment of 650 people landed on Magosa Port. Denktaş went to Ankara to hold negotiations after 1963 events. Denktaş returned to Cyprus on a rowboat having completed his contacts, and began to organize Turkish resistance. He was declared as “persona non grata” by Makarios after 1964 London Conference. His entry to Yeşilada was forbidden. He landed on Erenköy secretly and took part in the war. He was arrested in 1967 while entering the island secretly. He was given back to Turkey as a consequence of intense efforts. In 1968, since prohibition of his entry to the island was lifted, he returned to Cyprus.

    He was elected as the chairman of Turkish Community Council in 1970 elections. He was elected as Assistant Cyprus President and President of Turkish Government until 28 February 1973. After proclamation of Cyprus Turkish Federal State on 13 February 1975, he pursued the posts of state and government president, and was elected as the state president in the general elections held in 1976. He became the president of the state for the second time in 1981.

    He was elected as the president for the second time in the early elections held on 22 April 1990. He was elected as the president in the elections held in 1995 too.
    He is still the President of Republic of Northern Cyprus Turks.

    He has published books on various issues.

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