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    PhBot iSRO -


    PhBot iSRO -

    Forum Alev
    phBot was released April 10, 2010.

    phBot is available for purchase, 2.00USD for 2Weeks or 4.00USD for 4Weeks.

    We are goin to try the pay by in game gold, Server Odin ONLY, 75mill for 2Weeks 150mill for 4Weeks
    You can have 3 Different IPs, so basically you and two other people. (make them chip in)

    Contact Me only for this. that way its less confusing and will be easier to keep track,

    Here are some screen shots of phBot Version 1.6

    You can buy phBot at and selecting the phBot iSRO

    The rSRO version will be available some time next week.

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