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    Usta Üye

    Cevap: sınıfta uyulması gereken kuralların ingilizcesi

    Classroom Rules (English)

    1.In the classroom, the hallway should not scroll
    2.Malignant toilets, throw the trash.
    3.Places malignant throw the trash.
    4.Not and must not late for class.
    5.Our FAQs have to do homework before school.
    6.Our teacher tells class dealing with something else
    7.Not and must not be late for school.
    8.Independence anthem not speak with colleagues.
    9.The guards on the property of going out to do their duties.
    10.We should fight next.
    11.Not speak without removing the finger.
    12.We must not come near the teacher’s permission.
    13.In the classroom, Should not shout down the hall.
    14.Course will not eat things crustacean.
    15.We should not fight with our friends.
    16.The school should not be dirty clothes
    17.Exam, the course should be cheating.
    18.Articles, breaking property of the school.
    19.Listen to the word of the teacher.
    20.We must cut the word friend.

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